Welcome to my radio enthusiast site.

I'm very much an active DXer, a tech nerd, and a heavy radio enthusiast.

I operate several hobbyist radio stations, and I collect radio airchecks & identifications!

You may use the menu bar above to surf through this part of my site.

Quick news thing

I recovered a longtime help to our community from w9wi's website, which THANKFULLY was Archived on the Internet Archive.
RDS PI Calculator
RDS Reverse PI Calculator

Site Rewrite Progress

* 26 Jun 2023 - Began redoing the DX logs :)

* 21 Jun 2023 - After a year of sitting on my behind, i've started to redo my airchecks section. Logs & other stuff soon hopefully. Also, I upload more clips and stuff to youtube now :) Click me to go there

* 11 Mar 2022 - Some PI codes fixed on both the RDS/ReverseRDS calculators.

* 28 Jan 2022 - Complete overhaul of the RDS/ReverseRDS code. Credits to DXSphere!! Should be under the tools section above!

* 27 Jan 2022 - Recovered RDS/ReverseRDS from W9WI's website. PROPER CREDIT given.

* 25 Jan 2022 - Rewrote to PHP successfully
- Archived profiles (To be replaced by Station IDs)